Alpha Course

Alpha Course

Date: May 21- Aug 20 | 12:30pm

Location: Harbor 3rd Floor

Cost: $15.00

Are you interested in exploring the basics of the faith for the first time, or want a good biblical review in a group environment? If so, the Alpha course is for you. The Alpha course will meet every Sunday at Journey (lunch provided) and will incorporate part video lecture and part group discussion. For more info email .

Course cost: $15 

Week 1: Is There More to Life Than This?
Week 2: Who is Jesus?
Week 3: Why Did Jesus Die?
Week 4: How Can We Have Faith?
Week 5: Why and How Do I Pray?
Week 6: Why and How Should I Read the Bible?
Week 7: How Does God Guide Us?
Week 8: How Can I Resist Evil?
Week 9: Why and How Should I Tell Others?
Week 10: Does God Heal Today?
Week 11: What About the Church?
Week 12: Next Steps at Journey of Faith

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