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We Believe in Teams

Posted by Jason Cusick on

I often get asked the question: How does leadership work at Journey of Faith? We really believe in teams at Journey of Faith. Most of what we do happens through our teams of volunteers who use their gifts and availability to make our mission happen. Everything from our parking teams to...

Being a Pastor of a “Baptist” Church, Part 2

Posted by Jason Cusick on

The following is a continuation of Pastor Jason's article "Being a Pastor of a 'Baptist' Church." Click here to read Part 1. 4. Every Follower of Jesus is a MinisterThe distinction between clergy and congregation is (or should be) small in Baptist churches because Baptists have...

When You've Lost Someone Through Suicide

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With all the news we’ve been hearing about suicide, I am often asked: “What do you say to those who have lost a loved one through suicide?” It depends on who you are talking to, how you know them, and what the situation is, but as one of many ways to respond, I’d like to...

Being a Pastor of a "Baptist" Church, Part 1

Posted by Jason Cusick on

I didn't grow up as a Christian or even going to church, so names of churches never made much sense to me. I knew Lutheran was named after Martin Luther. The words Episcopalian and Presbyterian were Greek to me (I later found out they are actually Greek words), and I assumed Pentecostal had...

How to Find a Mentor

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Scott, Bill, Juanita, Dennis, Sean, Beth, Jim… this is a short list of people in my life whom I have referred to as “mentors.” I believe the Bible encourages mentoring, shepherding and what I would call “ride-along relationships” (Titus 2:2-3, Proverbs 27:17, 2...

Torrance Campus Launches this Sunday

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We are so excited for the official launch of our new Torrance Campus this Sunday, February 25! Why are we doing this? Short answer: we want to reach more people for Jesus! Many people in our congregation live in the Torrance area and the research tells us the average...

Three Ways to Help Someone After a Traumatic Event

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It seems like each week we hear for a disaster, shooting, to other traumatic event that rocks our world. Some of us quickly discover that we know someone involved in the event. Cash, food, and other supplies are great ways to support people who have experienced a traumatic event, but what can we...

How do We Respond to the Violence in Charlottesville?

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Over the last few years, Journey of Faith has been partnering with Converge, a movement of over 1,300 churches working to help people meet, know and follow Jesus. Scott Ridout, the President of Converge and a mentor of mine, had these powerful words to share about the violence in Charlottesville...

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