Our team has been monitoring the current situation with regard to the coronavirus. We are following the guidance from the state and county public health departments to postpone gatherings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our desire is to always provide a safe environment for all who join us each weekend and for programs throughout the week.

At this time both our Torrance and Manhattan Beach campuses will remain closed to the congregation and we invite you to join an online service at 8am, 9:30am, 11am or 6pm. You can view the service, interact with others and give online by visiting our live stream at the link below.


All ministry events and gatherings are currently cancelled in accordance with federal social distancing guidelines. We will continue to evaluate and work in conjunction with health officials to determine when it is safe to resume gatherings.

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Get Help

For immediate assistance, dial 2-1-1 for community resources. For prayer needs call our Care Pastor, Matthew Jensen, at 424-350-8300.

Make A Difference

Journey of Faith is working closely with our community leaders to identify and meet urgent needs.

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Church Online

Everyone is staying home! This weekend we will be coming to your living room from our living rooms! Join us online for a shared worship service at 8am, 9:30am, 11am or 6pm. Look for our online service on any of these platforms:

Give Online

Journey of Faith is able to support you and our community through your giving. While it may be tempting to hold tight during times of uncertainty, we ask that you remain faithful in giving. If you usually give in person, you can mail a check (1243 Artesia, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266) or begin giving online—it's safe and simple. Your generosity allows us to continue serving others. Thank you! 

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We're always releasing new content to encourage you and stay connected as we all stay at home. Follow us on FacebookYoutube and Instagram.

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Ministries Online

All of our teams are working hard to create ways to stay connected online.

  • Life Groups: Many will continue to meet online. Stay in touch with your group leader to learn how you will be connecting.
  • Students: Look for JSM email updates for more information on how students will connect on Tuesday evening and throughout the week.
  • Journey Kids: Subscribe to the Journey Kids Newsletter and join the Journey Kids Facebook Group.
Need More Information?

If you still need help or information and you are not sure where to begin, explore more of our website or email and someone will be in touch!

Staying Home Together

As we all settle into the new reality of staying home together we are now balancing work, school and life in close quarters. Below are a few tips from our Care Pastor, Matthew Jensen, to help you and your family in the coming weeks.

Don’t Neglect Self Care. Shower, brush your teeth, put on deodorant, and spray some cologne or perfume on at the same time each day. If you’re a man and shave, do it every morning. Tend to your nails weekly. Take care of yourself, and guard your dignity and self-respect.

Establish good rhythms. Set up your work station where you can get some natural light. This helps with mood, but also keeps your circadian rhythm calibrated. 

Go outdoors. Go on a short walk and get some fresh air in the afternoons when weather permits.

Don’t nap. Save any tiredness for bedtime so you’ll sleep sounder. 

Stay healthy. Take vitamins, and medication if needed, at the same time each day.

Get dressed. Put on clean clothes every morning, fighting the urge to slip into laziness and stay in pajamas (if you wear them at night).

Clean something in the house each day. A little each day keeps everything neat and clean, and the laundry done. Trying to do it all at once can be overwhelming and can exacerbate depression. 1-2 loads of laundry a day is a lot more manageable. (This includes cleaning the bed sheets every week as well; you’ll sleep better.)

Monitor your screen time. Have intentional times where you’re awake and don’t have your eyes glued to the TV, computer, or phone. Breathe deep.

Reach out. Help at least one person every day. During this time of social distancing and staying at home you can reach out via phone, text, video chat or whatever works. Pray with people, read together, and share your life.

Keep your spiritual progress alive. Read the Bible, talk to a mentor, pray, and keep the larger picture at the forefront.

Eat healthy stuff. Putting good food in your body will help you stay healthy and feel better. Enough said.

See your therapist if needed. If not in person, a Zoom video call, or an old-fashioned phone call.

Work well. Do your work well if you’re working from home. Your accountability may be lower, but remember what you do plays a role in making this world better. Take pride in what you do. You can still make a big difference from your living room or home office. If your work is on hold, set intentional time aside regularly to internalize the fact that your ultimate value isn’t based on your output or production value. Use Scripture to combat this too-common belief we buy into especially when we can’t work. You can still make a big difference even without a paycheck.

Guard your heart. When you watch Netflix, or read something for fun, be intentional with what you’re putting into your mind. 

Do something fun. Embrace hobbies. Do that thing you love. Make time for it. Listen to good music.

Be grateful. List things you’re grateful for, and go back to them daily.

Re-calibrate. Use this time to re-calibrate your priorities and outlook on life. This season will pass. But, how are you using it to make yourself better for the next season?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is church cancelled?

A: Not at all! We are simply moving our services online for all weekends until the order to stay-at-home is lifted, so everyone can worship from the comfort of home. Services will also be available on demand during the week as well. Our team has prepared some additional resources for you and your family during this time. Keep up with emails and social media posts from the church for more information.

Q: How long will services be online only?

A: We will continue to evaluate the appropriate time to resume gathering on campus and will adhere to the guidance from the federal, state and county officials. When updates on reopening our campuses have been developed we will communicate these to you.

Q: Why are we taking these measures?

A: We are adhering to the guidance provided by the California State Department of Health and the LA County Department of Health. We are taking this action in concert with other churches and venues throughout the county in an effort to slow the rate of infection and to protect the most vulnerable people.

Q: What other ministries are impacted?

A: All ministry events and activities are cancelled for the duration of the county orders. We will work with health officials to determine if additional closure time is needed during this time. This means Volunteer Summit has been postponed. We have decided to cancel the Easter Family Fun Fest. Keep checking the website, social media or reach out to your ministry leader for more information.

Q: What about the Preschool?

A: The Journey of Faith Preschool is currently closed except for children of first responders. We are working with state and local health officials to determine when it is appropriate to re-open for all students.

Q: What about Life Groups and other off-campus gatherings?

A: We encourage the church to continue to connect digitally or via phone while using discernment and practical wisdom. If you are high-risk based on age or underlying medical condition, minimize social interaction in person.

Q: What if I need Pastoral Care?

A: Our care teams are available to support you in your time of need with both spiritual direction and practical support. For more information on our care ministry click here or call the Care Hotline at (424) 350-8300.

Q: How can I give during this time?

A: We are grateful for your faithful and generous giving as we all walk through this time of uncertainty. Online giving is available at journeyoffaith.com/give. This provides you a secure and safe way to contribute to the ongoing ministry of Journey of Faith. If you prefer to give by check you can mail it to the church office or stop by during office hours.

Q: How do I get a question answered?

A: If you have questions about anything that has not yet been addressed, please reach out to Blair Farley. You can email him at .

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