Ignite Stay Classy Nights

Date: Tuesday, June 4 | 6-7:30pm

Location: Off Campus

STAY CLASSY is a unique 3-event program we do at Ignite to bring all of the middle school students in a particular grade together for fun evenings where they have dinner, dessert or do a fun activity off-campus. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for them to get to know who is in their grade and develop a closer bond with each other that will prayerfully last throughout their entire time in Student Ministries. We have 3 activities that will rotate every other month so each grade participates in each one. We'll have our grade-specific iGroup and Volunteer leaders at each location as Grade Sponsors providing supervision and help, as well as walking through this stage of life with them.

6th Grade: BJ's PIZZA (At Del Amo Mall) - $5 (covers Pizookie, tax & tip). 

7th Grade: BOWLERO (Torrance) - $15. Please have your student arrive 15 minutes early to check in and grab their shoes.

8th Grade: CHICK FIL-A (Across from Del Amo Mall) - $10 recommended. Students can place their order and join us at our group table. 

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