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Coronavirus Response

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The news of a virus spreading around the world has given us all pause to stop and consider how best to stay healthy and protect ourselves from an unknown threat. Here at Journey of Faith we are aware of the risks and are working hard to address the issue of the spread of COVID-19 in a...

Your Lament and Thanksgiving Psalms

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During the Focus message series Pastor Jason taught on the lament or "complaint" psalms. About 70 percent of the psalms in the Bible are lament psalms, and one important lesson they teach us is that God can handle our strongest emotions! Jason challenged us to write out our own lament psalms...

Town Hall Q&A

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We received about 180 RSVPs for the Town Hall Business Meeting. About 1/3 of those included questions which fell into a few specific categories. Pastor Jason’s answers are based on the broad overview of each topic and not responses to specific questions. We welcome continued conversation...

Wild! Daily Reading Plan

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Who is this man Jesus? He challenged people’s comfort, did outrageously miraculous things, taught really radical ideas, and took risks when other people wanted to play it safe. He’s wild! Between now and Easter we are going to take a look at this wild revolutionary and ask...

Jan's Journey of Restoration

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I was brought up in a Conservative Baptist home. My father was an elder in the church and my family was viewed as pillars of the community. By all exterior appearances we were the model family, but there were cracks in our family foundation that no one could see. My father was a very charismatic...

Wellness Podcast

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One of the number one values and interests of people in the South Bay is health and wellness. What advice would Jesus have for living a balanced life? We'll be looking at Jesus' life and teachings about subjects like rest, the body, relationships, simplicity, and something Jesus called...

Torrance Home Meetings Kick Off

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This week we kick off our Home Meetings for the Torrance campus of Journey of Faith. Though the campus won’t launch until February 2018, these Home Meetings are already becoming the best way for potential Torrance attenders to get to know each other and get excited for the new...

Made for More: Mission Trips 2018

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On October 15, come find out how you were “Made for More.” Visit the 2018 Missions Fair in the Courtyard between morning services and in the Guest Services lobby at the 6pm service. Hear about each of the 2018 mission opportunities and more. Trip leaders and past participants will be...

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