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Helping Others Through Suicidal Thoughts

Posted by Matthew Jensen on

You may not be aware that September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month; but, you may know someone who’s committed suicide, or know someone who knows someone who has committed suicide. In one way or another most of us are impacted in some shape or form by this all too inescapable...

Care Mondays

Posted by Matthew Jensen on

Sometimes life is heavy. Many of us will at some point struggle with the death of a loved one, the complexity of a divorce, a feeling of depression that we just can’t shake, the unique struggle of raising children in a single-parent household, finances that we can’t get a...

Suffering Biblically

Posted by Matthew Jensen on

Why does God allow us to suffer? It’s a question that has plagued the greatest thinkers for thousands of years, and one that we wrestle with very personally when we’re in life’s valleys. And yet it’s often in those times of hopelessness that we see that God desires to...

The Sanctity of Life

Posted by Matthew Jensen on

When we think of the phrase “sanctity of life,” many of us may think of the politically charged climate that surrounds it and we approach it with a sense of inner tension. But for others among us, this phrase carries with it a tremendous sense of hurt and possibly even regret because...

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