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It’s an exciting time at Journey, and we as a pastoral staff are so grateful to serve alongside you for God’s greater glory. As your new Small Groups Pastor, I’m looking ahead to help deepen our walks with the Lord in the cultivation of community through Scripture-based spiritual growth. While that can sound like a mouthful, it basically means that I want to help all of us get to know God better together! Small groups, relevant classes, and good excuses to get together play into this in vital ways. We serve an amazing God, and we’re able to see Him clearer when we seek the kind of community He created us to thrive in. 

Adult Small Groups: What in the world are they?
Basically, a “small group” is a group of people committed to growing spiritually together as they meet regularly and lean on God’s Word for guidance, growth, and community. We currently have over 60 adult small groups you can get plugged into by either using the small group finder on our website or contacting me directly to find the best fit. There’s definitely something for everyone at Journey!

I’m always on the lookout for new leaders to start new groups, so let me know if you feel God leading you in that direction. Small group leaders meet together regularly for support and leadership growth, so no one has to lead alone. If you’re called, we’ll equip you, and we’ll do it together.

Here are some great groups and events coming up in the near future: 

South Bay Talks: Our Youth’s Substance Use in Today’s Culture
Helping our youth out of substance use can be a difficult. How do we provide support as a family or friend? What’s actually going on in our substance culture right now? What resources are available? We invite you to our one night community panel on Fri. March 24 at 7pm in our Worship Center where experts will discuss these questions and many more. I’ll moderate the panel, and then accept questions from those in attendance for the experts to answer.

Special Group: How Do You Know God's Your Father?
If you’ve wrestled with this question since Pastor Jason started our new sermon series, you’re invited to join our 6-week group study as we delve into Scripture together. This enlightening study will lead you to the confidence, peace, and joy that come from knowing without a doubt that God is your father and heaven is your home. If interested, send me an email and we’ll pick a day and time to start this study that works best for a majority of those interested.

Special Group: Finding Biblical Healing from Trauma and Sorrow
Are you struggling with the feelings of trauma and sorrow from times of hurt and suffering? Come discover God’s path to healing and wholeness, as we find answers from Scripture and dialogue together. Starting February 21 in Harbor 303; all are invited. A great woman of God, Pat Thomas, has endured many life hardships and has found solace in going back to Scripture to find comfort. Now she wants to invite others to come alongside her to dialogue and learn, opening up Scripture together in pursuit of healing.

Friends, God’s doing great things through Journey and all of you who make up our church family. Let’s join Him in how He’s moving among us, out through the South Bay, and into the world.


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