Mic Drop: Jesus' Farewell Discourse

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Imagine being one of Jesus’ disciples. You’ve been living with him, traveling with him, and doing amazing ministry with him for three years. You’ve seen healings, miracles, and have been taught new things that you’re still trying to wrap your mind around. You feel like you are just getting to know Jesus and you are so excited about the future. Then he says… “I’m going to die soon and you’re not going to see me anymore.”


You’re suddenly filled with all kinds of feelings like anxiety, worry, and fear. You’re thinking: Why are you dying? What am I going to do without you? Where are you going? When will I see you again? Who’s going to answer my questions? What about all these people who need you? Who’s going to help them?

When Jesus told his disciples that he was going to be crucified and die, their world was turned upside down. But what they were feeling is not all that different than what we feel at major turning points in our lives. We lose a job or get relocated. We get a serious diagnosis. Our family suddenly changes. We relapse in our sobriety. What was working in our spiritual life (prayer, Bible reading, sense of peace)… is not working anymore.

Are you at one of these turning points in your life? Is God turning your world upside down? At these times, we can be filled with anxiety, worry, and fear. And what we want is for someone to give a word of courage, faith, and triumph!

That’s exactly what Jesus gave his disciples. John 14-17 records what is known as Jesus’ Farewell Discourse to his disciples and a special prayer for them as they prepared for a radical change in their spiritual lives. Jesus’ words of triumph for them are words of triumph for us too!

Starting June 11, we will begin an 8-week series through these powerful words of Jesus designed to confront and comfort our anxious and fearful hearts. We’re calling this series Mic Drop. A “mic drop” is a gesture of intentionally dropping one’s microphone at the end of a performance or speech to signal triumph. Figuratively, it is an expression of triumph for a successful event. That’s John 14–17!

I want to encourage you to read through John 14–17. Start by reading John 13 and get a feel for the unnerving and unsettling words of Jesus to his friends. Imagine what they must be feeling and thinking. See if you can relate to them. And then let Jesus’ farewell words and prayer speak to your anxiety, worry and fear. Join us June 11 and we’ll go through Jesus’ words of triumph together.

Anxious about the future?
Feel like you’re under attack?
Not sure what God is doing in your life?

Jesus has some powerful words of triumph for you!


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