At Journey School, our Infant & Toddler program includes teachings in all areas that are vital to the growth of a young child. Our program includes our biblically-integrated thematic curriculum and Music Rhapsody. The children are exposed to language through stories, songs and conversation.


The Infant curriculum includes motor skills (fine & gross), social/emotional skills, language activities and various sensory experiences. These daily interactions help each child learn through exploration and discovery of their natural environment.

Infants follow individualized natural patterns for sleeping and eating. At Journey School we believe each child should be put down for a nap at a timeframe that works best for them at this age.

Transitional Infants & Toddlers

Transitional infants (11 months and walking) and toddlers (18-30 months) participate in a curriculum designed to meet their needs and abilities. This curriculum builds upon rapidly-changing developmental milestones. As their physical strength increases, children develop confidence in their abilities and feel more comfortable exploring. Our teachers continue to support and encourage developing physical abilities while providing an environment that is physically and psychologically safe. We have children this age experiment with different art forms and sensory material such as water-based paint, chalk, salt, and play-dough.

At Journey School we mix our biblical early childhood thematic curriculum with manipulative playtime that includes: singing, puppets and story time. We also offer outside play twice daily, which can include buggy rides, walks, playing in the sand and more.

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